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If you have a black thumb like I do, even the shortest trip away from home results in neglected, drooping plants. Enter the brilliant product Water from a Stone. These handblown glass vessels are the perfect blend of form and function.. something everyone can appreciate. They slowly release the perfect amount of water into your […]

Sometimes shoes don’t fit. You try them out, wear them a little and they give you blisters or don’t work with anything you own. After one wear they get tossed to the back of the closet. Other times, there are shoes you love, that fit well, and maybe even sparkle when you wear them – […]

Monday, Monday


A little Pinterest love to start your Monday. May your images be many and your pinning problems be few.

Love your iPad but want to avoid adding an ugly, cumbersome cover taking away from the style? The grapple may be your soultion! This product was just recently put up on Kickstarter, an amazing site that helps designers fund projects and spread creativity. What’s the point of the grapple? Get a better grip while holding, […]

The beginning of the year is always a great time for textiles. Fabric houses usually release their new collections and no matter the terrible weather outside, the world is once again flush with beauty, colour and lots of lovely textures. As we spend the month exploring fabrics, from the traditional to the contemporary, I thought […]