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When I studied textiles, I started by learning about toile. So, we’ll kick off our month with a brief history of Toile de Jouy. At the bottom of the page is a fun little video that gives a brief history (sorry, it’s in French) and shows some interesting examples of how toile has been modernized […]

Intrigued by French style? Then you’ve undoubtably heard of the various Louis styles but can you distinguish one from the other? That’s what our “Louis series” is here for! These styles, although traditional, are popping up in many contemporary installations and as they mix well, so even if you’d never dreamed of putting a Louis […]

I have an affinity for unique, interesting (and sometimes edgy) companies… especially when it comes to scents. Etat libre d’Orange never fails to draw me in. A small perfume boutique in the Marais, this company specializes in hitting the more risque side of perfume. Not for the prudish or faint of heart, In previous posts […]

Looking for another place to find unique pieces? Check out Griffins and Gargoyle Antiques in Chicago. You could easily pass this building and it’s charming courtyard without really noticing it’s there, but pay attention! A visit in to this shop is worth a trip to Ravenswood. Goodies inside! Will you be more intrigued by their […]

For anyone interested in furniture, design and obtaining a thorough knowledge of periods this book is a must have! Dictionnaire des Mobiliers et des Objets d’art : Du Moyen Age au XXIe siècle It’s easiest to find on and although the shipping charges will cost you almost as much as the book, it’s worth […]