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A well designed car is always a pleasure… but so is a green planet. For me, look, performance (and a manual transmission) have always gotten in the way of getting a “green” labeled car.  Now, even if you are not ready to jump into the Prius, car manufacturers are offering an array of options that […]

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of woodgrain wallcoverings. For some reason, the images from Stark Wallcoverings made me take a second look at this handpainted paper. (Maybe it was also the cute mix of colors.) Also, like anything with such a specific look, I think I like it best not covering an entire wall. […]

Interior Design featured this solar-powered portable office designed by Louis Vuitton. A custom creation that ensures you will have all you need when on the go (ahem, espresso maker, laptop, Ipod) and still be working and traveling in style. An interesting cross between sustainability and luxury goods.. Vuitton also created this custom travel case for […]

DWR is offering a free shipping deal on their prefab housing… not bad when you consider shipping tacks on an additional $1500-6000 to the total cost! The Kithaus comes in 2 sizes. The K3 is 9’x13′ and the larger K4 is 11’x17′ with the option of adding on a full kitchen and bathroom. These are […]