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Intrigued by French style? Then you’ve undoubtably heard of the various Louis styles but can you distinguish one from the other? That’s what our “Louis series” is here for! These styles, although traditional, are popping up in many contemporary installations and as they mix well, so even if you’d never dreamed of putting a Louis […]

So you love design, but do you really know your history of furniture? Now is the time to learn! Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be featuring history bits for your enjoyment! This weekend we’ll start with the most well known… but also most mixed up: Louis Chairs! Stay tuned! Love the image? Check our […]

For anyone interested in furniture, design and obtaining a thorough knowledge of periods this book is a must have! Dictionnaire des Mobiliers et des Objets d’art : Du Moyen Age au XXIe si├Ęcle It’s easiest to find on and although the shipping charges will cost you almost as much as the book, it’s worth […]