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For those of you who were curious about what could be found at the Jayson Home & Garden Fall Flea market.. I have plenty of pictures for you! Just like men, it seems the best furniture comes from the European continent. The selection this year is no exception. Heavy on items from France and Belgium […]

Another new book I’ve added to our inspiration library/reference book selection is the newAt Home with Wedgwood: the Art of the Table by Tricia Foley. A few months ago we tested out china pattern desing for one of our hospitality projects. Although it took an enormous amount of work just to get our ideas together, […]

Shop Willow


A great former storefront, Willow, has now moved to a 100% virtual format. What does this mean for those of you in Chicago? Free DELIVERY with any order over $20. They have a unique mix of home accessories, vintage items, reconstituted dishware, clothing and green products. Visit them at: Some cute items I stumbled […]

Bloomingdale’s is a great resource for all types of decorative items. If you need to do some last minute retail shopping for a project, Bloomingdale’s is great as they seem to always be having sales (especially on home items). I also find their china selection to be top-notch (sorry Macy’s you’ve been dethroned). The images […]

Every designer knows it is essential to have access to a well stocked library. For both inspiration and product ideas, books related to all aspects of design are a great resource to have on hand. Below are some of my favorite resources for books, as well as a few inspirational recommendations! As probably everyone knows, […]