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As usually happens with the best things, I discovered this Hermes scarf by chance. Passementerie by Francoise Heron! Since you all know I love a tassle or two, I had to share this silk square of perfection. It may be a little granny but I love it all the same. In the event you need […]

Sometimes shoes don’t fit. You try them out, wear them a little and they give you blisters or don’t work with anything you own. After one wear they get tossed to the back of the closet. Other times, there are shoes you love, that fit well, and maybe even sparkle when you wear them – […]

Only a day and a half left to see the photography expo at the Grand Palais in Paris. Over 1000 artists are featured so you’re sure to find a section that interests you! 28€ entry fee, 14€ for students and open until 8pm tonight and tomorrow! Grand Palais and Avenue Winston Churchill 75008 Paris

Being elbow deep in the study of French luxury brands is so fun that it’s pretty hard to call it work. The film below, Les mains d’Hermès or Hearts and Crafts in English, takes an inside look at the work of the artisans who painstakingly create the amazing products Hermès sells. If you’ve ever had the […]

You never forget the first time. There are hundreds of ways one could preface this simply awesome short film on Chanel N. 5… let’s just say that this brief glimpse into the world’s most famous parfum is both a treat for the eyes and a tour of the history behind the iconic fragrance.