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Only a day and a half left to see the photography expo at the Grand Palais in Paris. Over 1000 artists are featured so you’re sure to find a section that interests you! 28€ entry fee, 14€ for students and open until 8pm tonight and tomorrow! Grand Palais and Avenue Winston Churchill 75008 Paris Advertisements

The perfect cross of crisp and elegant by day… wicked and breezy by night. And just what I think of when Paris comes to mind. An exception to the rule, but exceptional none the less. From the amazing Life on Sundays.. via La Maison Pierre Frey. Images so stunning your heart may hurt a little.

IN 2009 and 2010, French photographer Alain Delorme spent time in China for two artist residencies. Enraptured by the visual (and physical!) aspect of local workers transporting gravity defying heaps of product on 2 or 3 wheel bicycles, Delorme set out to document the beauty of what he was seeing. An amazing combination of huge […]