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Yesterday I attended the media preview and opening hour of the One of a Kind Show. If you are looking for unique holiday gifts, make sure to visit the show before it closes this weekend. As with any craft show the range of what is offered is huge… from the beginner crafter hoping to make […]

Another new book I’ve added to our inspiration library/reference book selection is the newAt Home with Wedgwood: the Art of the Table by Tricia Foley. A few months ago we tested out china pattern desing for one of our hospitality projects. Although it took an enormous amount of work just to get our ideas together, […]

Each day, in theory, starts and ends around a ritual: the meal. There are plenty of times when it is simply not possible to enjoy the pleasures of the table. Work calls, pets need attention or we are simply just too hungry to do more than eat from a cereal box. Even if you are […]