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For client, friends and customers who travel alot I have in the past made sets of travel bags. Usually in all cotton, I started with a shoe bag size (keeps one pair of shoes in the bag and away from your clean clothes). These then morphed into lingere bags and a larger size laundry bag […]

Recently, I met with Marc Janssen, the CEO of ICE Rugs Netherlands, for an update on the rug collections offered. This meeting reminded me of why I want to get an ICE rug on one of my projects. Not only do they have a nice collection and a fabulous array of qualities, they also offer […]

Last night Atelier Lapchi’s Chicago showroom presented their new spring collection of hand tufted rugs.  Most are a silk/wool blend although the composition can be customized depending on your budget and the application. The tones were more muted than past collections but the patterns were outstanding and of course everything can be customized… My four […]