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There are so many blogs, magazines, sites and pinboards out in the universe that occasionally I forget about one and it takes a while to circle back. The DesignFiles Blog is just such a site.. I can’t believe I haven’t looked at it in so long! Although it was a completely different feature that drew […]

I am well aware of the fact that everyone and their mother probably receives the CB2 and West Elm catalogs… but I also think that sometimes you mindlessly flip through a catalog and see things without always seeing them. So, I’m pointing out some of my faves from this week’s catalogs. Great finds for when […]

One of the best things I learned from my time working with a French interior design firm was appreciating more traditional pieces and mixing them freely into a space.  I recently happened upon the catalog Wisteria and was immediately stuck by some of the traditional furniture pieces. They offer reasonable prices and are currently running […]